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Crystal Awakenings – Introduction to Crystals

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Welcome and YAY you are ready to dive into crystal energy!
This video series is your introduction to all things crystals.

What are you going to learn in Crystal Awakenings?
> You’ll gain knowledge about what they are, the science of how and why they work with our own personal energy.
> You’ll learn about which crystals are vital to use for Love, Abundance, and Peace.
> You will learn how to use them in your everyday life, in easy, practical ways without breaking the bank!

This course is designed as an easy beginner’s course to not only quench your interest about crystals, but to activate a more spiritual based lifestyle. Mother Earth has gifted us with beautiful crystals and gemstones that are here to support our human lives. They are teachers for our awakening collective.

In your Crystal Awakenings course, I will teach you:

> What crystals are + why you’re drawn to them
> How + why they work (like for real, it’s science)
> Crystals to use for Love, Abundance, + Calm
> Specific ways to use crystals in your everyday life
> How using crystals will awaken your Mind, Body + Spirit

You have access to short video lessons. You can watch the videos at your own pace, and as long as you have the link, you’ll never lose access to it.

As a crystal intuitive and teacher of over 20 years, I am excited to share this new information with you in easily digestible video’s and downloads.

You will gain personal insight, spiritual connection, and a new perspective on how your life can be rich and full with crystal energy!


Crystal Awakenings Welcome!
Introduction to Crystal Awakenings
How + Why Crystal Energy is Powerful

How + Why Crystal Energy is Powerful

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